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             Eduardo Niebla Solo
             Eduardo Niebla Duo
             The Eduardo Niebla Experience Trio
             Eduardo Niebla Brilliantissimo Quartet

2 Piano stools or chairs without arms. 1 nice rug / carpet for the drums, 1.5m x 2m. 1 Mixer positioned near Eduardo (16/24 channels minimum, preferably Midas), connected to main system. 1 Digital Reverb (preferably TC Electronics M3000). 1 Microphone for presentation. 2 Atmospheric microphones for the drums and 1 for the bass drum. 1 Power supply socket by Eduardo's side. 1 fan on stage near Eduardo. Lights - directional with colours for changing atmospheres. Plants and if possible candles on stage to create an inspiring atmosphere. Dressing room with clean towels, still /sparkling water, fruit juice, sandwiches, canap├ęs, crisps, sweets.