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             Eduardo Niebla Solo
             Eduardo Niebla Duo
             The Eduardo Niebla Experience Trio
             Eduardo Niebla Brilliantissimo Quartet

2 Piano stools or chairs without arms.
1 Platform 1m x 1m x approx.0.5m high covered with a nice rug for the Indian tabla.
1 Mixer positioned near Eduardo (8 channels minimum, preferably Soundcraft), connected to the main system.
1 Digital Reverb (preferably TC Electronics M3000).
2 Microphones for presentation and Indian tabla (preferably Shure SM58).
1 Power supply socket by Eduardo's side.
2 Speakers at the front of the stage and 2 behind the audience facing Eduardo to create a surround sound effect.
Amplification could be set as: left - front, right - behind the audience).
Lights directional with colours for changing atmospheres.
Plants on stage to create an inspiring atmosphere.
Dressing room with clean towels, still and sparkling water, fruit juice, sandwiches, canapes, crisps, sweets...